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A male veterinarian is putting a bandage on a dog in an animal hospital

Dog blood donation sessions in Kirton, Boston

Dogs may need blood transfusions, in the case of an accident, or to fight serious illnesses. Allen Briggs & Turner work with Pet Blood Bank UK to provide donor sessions. This helps ensure canine blood is available to all vets across the UK.

Regular sessions for canine blood donors

Allen, Briggs and Turner is a reputable veterinary surgery in Kirton, near Boston. We offer dedicated animal care services, ensuring we keep your pets happy and healthy. We offer regular sessions for dog blood donors at our practice, and welcome clients from Boston and surrounding areas. We carry out our sessions via Pet Blood Bank UK.


If you would like to help save the lives of other dogs and want to determine if your pet can be a donor or not, please contact Pet Blood Bank UK directly.

White Shepherd Dog 1 year old in front of a white background

The donation process

The pet blood donation process is quick, simple and pain-free. We make sure your dog is well cared for and lots of treats are given after the blood donation! These appointments usually take less than an hour, and your pet will be ready to go home right away.


We are fully equipped to facilitate the blood donation session on behalf of Pet Blood Bank UK. We do this free of charge for this worthwhile charitable organisation.


Follow the link below for more information about the life-saving work of Pet Blood Bank UK.

Find out if your pet can be a donor

If your dog is aged between 1 and 8 years, weighs more than 25kg, has never travelled abroad and is in good health, then there's a high chance they could be a blood donor.


At the donation appointment the team from Pet Blood Bank UK will assess your dog, taking some blood samples to ensure it is safe for them to donate.

The donated blood is carefully transported back to Pet Blood Bank UK headquarters, where it is stored safely, ready to be used when called upon by vets anywhere in the UK.

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Your trusted veterinary practitioners

Our surgery in Kirton offers a fantastic range of veterinary services for your pet. From pet insurance information to healthcare and loyalty plans, we can provide information and services to ensure your pet's complete wellbeing.


Contact us to discuss your pet's condition, or to find out more about us. We will be happy to assist you.

Contact Allen, Briggs and Turner in Kirton, Boston to find out more about dog blood donation sessions. Call our practice on: 01205 722696
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