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cat having its ear examined

Veterinary healthcare (V.I.P) plans at Allen Briggs & Turner.

For your V(very) I(important) P(pets).

Thinking about how you can manage the cost of regular visits to the vet? At Allen, Briggs and Turner, we can help. Contact our team in Boston today to find out about our healthcare plans for dogs and cats.

Affordable veterinary healthcare plans for cats and dogs

Routine check-ups, yearly vaccinations, treatment against worms and fleas, these are all necessary to keep your pet in good health. However, the costs involved with such treatments are also considerable. At Allen, Briggs and Turner, we understand this, which is why we have formed an affordable veterinary healthcare plan for pet owners. With the help of this plan, you'll be able to spread the payments for the treatments throughout the year. This way, you can keep both your pet and your bank balance healthy at the same time. If you have any questions, give us a call today.

red male cat, walking towards camera, isolated in white background

Our veterinary healthcare (V.I.P)plans:

  • Annual vaccinations (including Feline Leukaemia virus for cats). Please note Kennel Cough vaccine for dogs is now NOT included in the health plan package so will incur a cost at the time of administering if required.

  • Two full health checks by a vet every year (includes weight, dental, skin, coat, ears, claws, heart and joint checks) Please note that one of these checks will be at the time of annual vaccination and the second one 6 months later.

  • 12-months flea and worming treatments (in regular instalments, 4 times a year)

  • Discount on neutering, in-house blood testing and dental treatments

  • Discounts on goods purchased from our retail areas

Fantastic discounts with our V.I.P Healthcare Plans

  • We have worked extremely hard to create this plan that will help you save money on your pet's preventative health care programme. You will also benefit from discounts on items purchased in our retail area.


The pet healthcare plan is a monthly payment plan paid by direct debit from your bank account to spread the cost through the year.

Happy veterinarian checking a beautiful dog
Two young domestic cats sleeping and snuggled
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Are you looking for affordable veterinary healthcare plans for dogs and cats in Kirton, Boston? Call Allen Briggs & Turner now on 01205 722696
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