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Beagle dog and moggie cat having a cuddle edited

Pet insurance information for pet owners in Kirton and beyond

There are a range of pet insurance options available. Allen Briggs & Turner, based in Boston, strongly recommends you insure your pet for your peace of mind.

Pet insurance for cats and dogs

The cost of veterinary treatment today can be quite high, especially if your pet requires major surgery or long-term care and medication for a specific medical condition (e.g diabetes and skin allergies). Thinking ahead and having pet insurance in place is key to keeping your pet in good health without breaking the bank.


We would suggest you insure your pet early on, so that the insurance policy covers you for the cost of future conditions arising, giving you the satisfaction that your pet will be well looked after.


If your pet is insured and has undergone treatment we usually ask you to pay us for the treatment as you go along. Then a claim can be made by bringing us a CLAIM FORM (obtained from the insurance company). They will reimburse you the costs incurred for treatment minus the EXCESS and any other exclusions.


In exceptional circumstances we can authorise a DIRECT CLAIM (the insurance company pays us) but we would then ask you to pay us £100 to cover the cost of the excess and any exclusions.


The right insurance plan for your pet

At Allen, Briggs and Turner in Kirton, we recommend that you choose a 'lifetime' policy for your pet as opposed to an annual one, as some policies only cover for each condition for 12-months. This scenario isn't ideal if your pet develops a long-term condition and requires medication for life. We also request you to read the policy details thoroughly to ensure you understand the terms and conditions.

Full protection for your precious pet

In addition to your pet's insurance cover, why not consider signing up for our pet healthcare plan? This plan covers two routine check-ups, annual booster vaccination, worming, flea treatments and discounts on certain products and services, including dental work and neutering.

For more information about dog or cat insurance, or for any queries on our general veterinary services, contact a member of our friendly team.

Dalmatian dog and Norwegian forest cat
We believe pet insurance is essential for your furry friend. For treatment information, call Allen, Briggs and Turner in Kirton, Boston on 01205 722696
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