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Little baby dog labrador

Professional pet care advice from Allen, Briggs and Turner in Kirton, Boston

Here at Allen, Briggs and Turner we have an experienced team of vets, nurses and support staff who are happy to give advice on all aspects of preventative health care. This includes diet, exercise, weight management and parasite control. If the person you first encounter cannot answer your query they will get assistance from a colleague.

Pet medication by experts

At Allen, Briggs and Turner, we are passionate about animals and have years of experience in treating and caring for small animals including cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs. Our pet care services are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. So you can have complete peace of mind. To make an appointment, get in touch with our team today.

dog sat with a magazine in front

Caring for your dog

We have extensive experience in taking care of all types of dogs including large and small dogs and those with long or short coats. With over four decades of experience in this field, we're confident that we can offer the right veterinary advice for your furry friend.


Follow the link below for a host of information on caring for your canine from the experts at the Kennel Club.

Caring for your cat

Are you worried about taking care of your feline friend when ill? Worry not! For all matters concerning cats and for reliable pet care advice, you can contact the experts at Allen Briggs and Turner. We have a separate feline hospital ward at the surgery if your cat has to be admitted for treatment or surgery. This ensures they are kept in a quiet and relaxed environment.


Follow the link below for lots of useful information from the International Society of Feline Medicine (of which our practice is a member).

Hugging Birman Cat
cat getting stroked

Caring for your rabbit


If you're the proud owner of a rabbit, there are certain things that you need to be aware of to ensure that your furry friend leads a happy and healthy life. From needing a large area to roam around to having a diet which includes 90 percent hay, there are many things you should always keep in mind. Veterinary advice offered by our caring staff will help ensure that your pet is properly looked after.


Follow the links below for a wealth of information about rabbit care from Wood Green Animal Shelter and the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund.

Caring for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs make excellent pets as they need less space than rabbits and are very sociable by nature. If you have recently bought them as a pet, we can offer pet care advice on the right diet and how to create the perfect environment for your newest friends. Guinea pigs are a social animal and should not be kept alone but in a family group (same sex).


Follow the link below for more information from Wood Green Animal Shelter.

girl hugging a guinea pig pet
Close-Up Of Guinea Pig Amidst Grass
Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster in studio against a white background

Caring for your hamster

Whether you own a Syrian, Chinese or Roborovski type hamster, we can offer you all the assistance and guidance you need to properly look after your pet. To find out more, give us a call today.


Follow the link below from Wood Green Animal Shelter for more information on hamster care.

If you need some helpful pet care advice, get in touch with Allen, Briggs and Turner in Kirton, Boston on: 01205 722696
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